At home in Nature – on the Pranzager Farm

Isn’t it fantastic? In the morning someone opens the gate to the garden and you can run as fast as you can over the soft, green meadow sprinkled with sparkling drops of dew, roll over and over in its cleansing wetness and breath in deeply the delightful smells of chickens and horses, sheep and goats, the wonderful deer and rabbits from the nearby woods. What a life! Woof!
Earth piramides
Apartments on the farm

Like being at home!

OK, so you might be more interested in hearing about what my humans like about this place. First of all they looked forever out of the large circular window and say things that I don’t understand, like panorama view, mountains, ah and oh, how beautiful! Then then finally get to the point and start looking through the house with me. My female human was completely amazed with the kitchen: induction stove, refrigerator with freezer. She likes that! Together we inspected the cabinets and found many pots, pans, a toaster, a coffee machine, a hand blender, dishware, cutlery and good knives, one which my male human use secretly to cut me a big piece of cheese. Perfect, just like at home, said my female human. She was also taken away with the wooden hand-turned bowls and handmade cutting boards made from apple, Swiss pine and walnut, from the surrounding woods according to my nose. Not for the dishwasher, of course: that would ruin them. My male human meanwhile tried out the comfy couch and started switching through the channels, which took forever with so many SAT station. Just like at home, my female human said, while looking at him less nicely than before when they were going through the pots and pans. In the bathroom beside my drink bowl stands a bathtub in which you can also shower, bidet, toilet, sink, towels, soap and even toilet paper, which amazes my female human. Through the door I can see into the bedroom with its custom-made carpentry – did I already tell you how much I love the smell of pine? My humans will sleep heavenly here!

Organic lives better.

I can trust my nose, and it tell me that everything all around outside as well as inside is all natural! The furnishings have been made by hand, the custom-made full-wood furniture carved out of trees that once grew in the surrounding woods. Pure pine without lacquers or oils which my nose cannot stand. Even the walls contain only natural materials: 45 cm thick, traditionally-made bricks. This ancient construction form has the advantage of not needing any additional artificial insulation, and both outside and inside walls are covered simply with a pure chalk stucco finish.
Everything here is pure organic, and even the horses, sheep and goats have told me that the naturally grown hay and herbs on their meadows taste best of all. That’s why they are also always healthy, says the farmwife. I also knew that anyway.
Organic lives better.
Big Time Family Magic.

Big Time Family Magic.

My humans and I live in the “Hollyhock” because my female human and I love to hang out in the garden so much. Chasing butterflies in the sunshine and licking sunscreen lotion off of her face is really the best. Just as nice is that this time she brought her whole pack, including the really small ones who barely stand above my nose. How delightful they smell when they come out of the barn!
The rest of the pack are staying in the other three apartments in this house. That is perfect, for now we have the entire house plus the common room only for us. The best part is that they can cook and eat together. I look after the kids and clean up when the little ones drop something on the floor. My male human scolds them a little when they let food fall just because they don’t want to eat it. Then he says to me: You’re going to get fat on me, pal! Nonsense, with all the long walks that we take nearly every day I work it off easily!
This morning was particularly fun when my female human held a pyjama party for the little ones in our garden. I never knew how much they like to run around and roll in the grass, just like me!
Pluto, 4, from Milan