Churning Butter in the Witches’ Kitchen

On an organic farm there are always things to do – and to experience! Life on a farm is fun to follow first-hand, and not only for children. Whoever, like most people, gets their daily bread, milk, butter and cheese from the shelves at the store perhaps does not think so much about the unseen worth and work that lie behind origin, source and preparation of these products to make them ready for our daily lives.

“Cheesing,” cooking and baking. On the Pranzagerhof organic farm there are several kitchens in which to cook and bake as well as to do other routine farm crafts such as churning butter and making cheese, all of which visitors are welcome to experience. Together we can bake bread or delicious yeast pastries and specialties, or we can fetch fresh vegetables and lettuce from the garden and in a jiffy prepare simple, but delicious meals. Also worthwhile is a tour through the labelled herb garden: the taste and scent of these unique plants are not only enchanting, these herbs also play an important role in traditional home remedies.

In addition to the edible treasures on an organic farm, there are naturally other products that we prepare according to season and weather. One favourite activity, especially loved by children, is felting where we use the wool from our own sheep to form little sheep or balls out of felt.
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  • Self-made fruit spreads
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  • Honey
  • Sassrigais white wine - Müller Thurgau