Where nature can develop and unfold on its own.

Vacation on a farm is something for nature-lovers; vacation on an organic farm is something particularly special for nature-enthusiasts who appreciate the original variety of the animals and plants living on the farm. The cultivated meadows and woods around the farm radiate a special kind of light: brightly coloured and rich in facets, they recall pictures of wild landscapes from long ago.

Natural Power Spot. The verdant meadows out of which cheekily bright glances of colour shine lead the way to the Earth Pyramids. Impressive clay giants with stone heads, some of the most impressive example of all are very close to the farm. Climb over sun-warmed stones and feel the sandy ground under your feet or try out the barefoot path: the landscape around the Pranzagerhof is filled with energy and inspires hours of leisure and adventure. In the summer there is also a hammock to hang out in for those seeking relaxation.

Adventure! Play out in the open from early until late is the most normal thing in the world to do at Pranzagerhof: searching for tadpoles in the small pond, playing cops and robbers in the treehouse or simply romp around the adventure area. On special evenings we light a bonfire, grill sausages and roast “Bread-on-a-stick”. It becomes really fun when everyone starts to sing, laugh, talk nonsense and tell many jokes.
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What all there is!
So much space to run around and relax
  • Adventure Area for children with climber paradise including climbing wall, hanging bridge, two getaway and climbing nets, two swings, slide, enormous sandbox with large backhoe, badminton ...
  • Slackline
  • Barefoot path
  • Time Out Zone with private hammock in summer
  • Treehouse
  • Frog pond
  • Earth pyramids
  • Fun evenings with bonfire