Celebrate as well as animals!

Animal friends love it here! All over the Pranzagerhof you see all kinds of waddling, trotting and prancing wherever you look. Vacation on this organic farm means above all variety, which you see bustling in the barn and on the meadows as nearly every kind of house pet and livestock that play a role in agricultural life: the beloved by all mountain horse of South Tyrol, the Haflinger with its fox-coloured coat and typical blond mane, the cute ponies, a cows, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens – and naturally the farm dog Lilu along with several cats!

Children love responsibility. Many children find fun and enjoyment in experiencing the animal life on a farm and observing their real daily routines. In contrast to a petting zoo, at Pranzagerhof children can really help out and take over responsibility. So that the kids are optimally equipped, in the barn there are rubber boots and “Tonis” in all sizes: just the right kind of working wear for our young farmers! In this way, the children learn how to interact with all living things with respect and responsibility – as well as what it actually means to have house and farm animals. On a voluntary basis, our young guests may take over for one or more days the full responsibility – including feeding and cleaning – for one animal or for a group, such as the chickens or rabbits. Whoever does their tasks well receives afterwards a Barn Diploma!

Not far away from the barn are several beehives which are cared for by a neighbouring beekeeper. Upon request, we can also arrange a tour of the beehives – or alternatively a visit to the nearby Bee Museum.


What is included!
Animals on the organic farm:
  • Haflinger horse Napoléon and Nina, along with ponies James and Rita
  • Cow with calf
  • Goats
  • Self-breed sheeps
  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Dog Lilu
  • Kittens Alpha, Micki, Goldi and Annalena
  • Bees whose hives are a safe distance away in the woods