What a life! Vacation on an Organic Farm

Today, our late-sleeper Max is the first one up. Normally a grumpy zombie in the morning, now this young man flies like the wind out of the apartment, fetches the breakfast basket, bangs it on the table and requests, “Butter bread with Heidi’s Strawberry Jam, quick!” Taken aback, I prepare the bread which he takes and – whoosh – he is already outside. “Hey, wait young man!” But Max doesn’t hear anything else and he rushes across the farmyard in his pyjamas. Doesn’t matter, I think to myself, in the barn he will put on his overalls and boots to be dressed just right. Today Max will take care of the rabbits all by himself: feeding them, cleaning out their stall and everything else. He was so proud when he mentioned that Heidi had given him full responsibility for the nibbler-noses for the entire day.

From the barn into the witches’ kitchen. While we – “just the two of us” for once without children – breakfast in peace and quiet, I remember that I have something to look forward to as well. Around noon, we will be going on a wild herb hunt with Heidi as well as inspecting the herb and vegetable garden, hopefully learning a lot as always. Afterwards there is a herb cooking course in one of Heidi’s cooking and baking kitchens. “Write it all down,” my dear partner suggests with a wink. I’m not the only one thoroughly amazed by my new cooking skills. In the daily routine you often forget how quick and easy it is to magically whip up tasty dishes. Fresh and self-made tastes best of all!

Fill up your energy tank with hot sand and porphyry. Pranzagerhof is for me not only a farm where you can “simply spend” a vacation. Alone the naturally pristine meadows, where the top-fit farm animals can pick and choose their favourite stalks among the unbelievable variety of grasses and herbs, are incomparable to the monotonous landscapes which people – and not nature – develop according to the premises of maximizing earnings and income. All around the Pranzagerhof, nature seems relaxed and satisfied, if one can say it in that way. Just as calm, satisfied and grounded is the feeling of being human here, when you open yourself a little and allow yourself to receive these treasures of nature in themselves. Simply take off your shoes, run over the barefoot path and feel the energy that resides in the sun-warmed porphyry and sandy ground of this piece of earth. Amazing!
And another day is over. Max runs back with his chest filled with pride and in his hand a certificate. He received a Barn Diploma for his excellent and respectful handling of the farm animals, “his” rabbits. We will frame and hang that at home.
Corinna, 38, Cologne