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Yes, where is paradise actually?

Yes, where is paradise actually?

Every time I arrive at “my” Pranzagerhof, I get the sudden urge to run over near the earth pyramids, walk barefoot in the sun-warmed porphyry and breathe deeply. Yes, and then I feel myself alive again, whole, arrived and grounded!
The last time I walked the path over the green summer meadows to the earth pyramids I saw a girl sitting in the high grass who was eagerly intent on weaving a flower wreath out of the colourful variety of blossoms all around. “Almost like paradise here,” I grinned at the girl. “It is paradise here,” she confirmed with self-confidence as she stroked her hand over the cat who was purring at her feet. Then she looked at me, saw my amazed look and simply began to laugh.
I had to think of my own little Anna then – she was surely in “her” barn talking with “her” animals – and of our small anticipation ritual that we celebrate before each trip: “What are you looking forward to most, most of all, Anna?”
“Seeing good little Nina. And the funny goat Mitzi and the little rabbits that nibble so sweetly when you bring them fresh dandelions. And you, Mama?”
“Hmm, I think I am looking forward most, most of all to cooking with Heidi and her clever ideas. And what are you looking forward to most of all?”
“To snuggling in the cosy bed in my hayloft, hi hi!”
“Ah, you mean the mansard loft, which your brother wants to sleep in this time? Let’s see about that. I am certainly looking forward to climbing the Rittner Horn again, and drinking coffee in Bolzano.”
“Ah Mama, why do you always take daytrips? On the farm it is most beautiful of all. There we have everything: nice people, cute animals, delicious bread for breakfast that Heidi brings, beautiful views of the mountains and even our food grows in the garden!”
“Yes, my fun clever child. Most of all we are looking forward to our vacation.”
“Good idea. I am going to start right now,” grinned Anna; end of ritual.
As I came back from my daytrip, I saw my Anna running with the flower girl over the meadows laughing loud. Wonderful days of freedom and security, where a child can be a child, with dirty feet and everything else. Yes, that is a true paradise.
(Bettina, 42, from Münster)